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    I am very proud of this website.   Over the past two years, I have been updating and redesigning it and I finally feel like I've got it down.  I think the new look is clean, contemporary and fresh.   I'm going to try and find some fitting graphics and throw them in as well.  I built the website with Microsoft FrontPage 98, which is really a great program.  I upload the files using Tripod's File Manager, which is a breeze to work with.  All of the colors are customized, and the fonts are picked to match the topic, color and overall feel.  If there is any artistic ability in me, then it's on the computer.  The journal is cookie-cutter, provided by Lycos.  I used to have a Diary-X, but I thought maybe the Lycos one would go better with the fresh site.  If anyone has any suggestions, comments, problems or whatever, please e-mail me!  I'd love it even more if you e-mail me just to say hi or if you sign the guestbook.  Speaking of the guestbook -- the link on the home page will drive you to the "View This Guestbook" page that Lycos' HTML Gear gives you.  You can sign from there, too, though, which is why I did not include both links -- that, and Lycos' icon was not very visible.  This page -- and the site -- will be updated as often as necessary, so keep checking back.

4/4/04:  Here's something funny:  The last post in my journal is about my Las Vegas trip and the Celine Dion show, "A New Day...", and it was interesting to see that the advertisements they have at the top are for trips to Las Vegas and to see "A New Day..."!  BTW, don't use those.  The only way you should be getting tickets is through Ticketmaster or at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

4/5/04:    I've added a counter and a tell-a-friend program to the website.  I picked these up from Bravenet, you might want to check them out.

4/10/2004:  After recent problems with the Tripod-powered guestbook, I have decided to replace it with a Bravenet guestbook.  This may or may not be temporary, depending on what else is available.  I've already copied the shortcut and set up the index page graphic to go there, but the official Bravenet icons are below (I believe they are required in the Terms of Service).  Also, a tell-a-friend service was added and hopefully will drive up the visits for the site.  Those icons are below as well, as I've set up a graphic on the homepage.

5/1/2004:  I have replaced the Lycos journal with a Live Journal.   This isn't permanent yet, but I want to see how it works out. 

5/23/2004:    I have replaced the LiveJournal with a Google Blogger.  I definitely like this one over the others and promise to update it more frequently.

9/19/2004:    I have redone some of the colors on the site and have updated the journal.  In addition, I am now in the process of researching a move for the site to its own domain.  More info to come...

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