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Celine Dion     |    One Heart


"One Heart" is definitely a change from Celine's previous works, although it is the freshest, probably most diverse album she's put out. 


-- "I Drove All Night:"  This is a very electric, guitar-driven dance track.  It's very hard and throw-down, said to be the Cher's "Believe" of the year. 

--"Love Is All We Need:" Kind of says Britney Spears, although Britney could not do it justice. 

--"Faith:"  Kind of says Faith Hill, still, Faith's style is different from this. 

--"In His Touch:"  A very soft, emotional piano ballad.

--"One Heart:" A fun song!  The video screams club.

--"Stand By Your Side:" A very, very emotional song, hints Gloria Estefan.

--"Naked:" Your token naked song...everyone's got these now.   Acoustic guitars back this song, featuring Celine's higher notes.

--"Sorry For Love (2003 Version):"  They tried to remix this as a ballad.  Not too bad, but...

--"Have You Ever Been In Love:" An encore of the same track from "A New Day Has Come." Love it.

--"Reveal:"  She's done this type of track's not too bad.

--"Forget Me Not:"  Screams too R&B.  

--"I Know What Love Is:"  This is almost a Barbra Streisand cut, very beautiful.

--"Je t'aime encore:"  Featuring her soaring vocals, this is a translated version of the French song.  When she performs this at "A New Day..." it really is very nice, although the French version is better...