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Melanie C  |   Northern Star


Melanie's debut record.

Go! -- A nice track.   Very upbeat, electronic.

Northern Star -- An excellent title track.  Amazing ballad.

Goin' Down -- Rock on girl!!   This is an excellent first single.

If That Were Me  --   A beautiful, very acoustic ballad.  Guitar riffs open the song.

Never Be The Same Again -- Great urban pop song, with rap section by Left Eye.

Why -- Good song, she screams in pain at the end.

Suddenly Monday -- Just simple, fun Britpop.

Ga Ga -- On the Big Daddy soundtrack.  A sort of Garbage feel.

Be The One -- Nice, acoustic ballad.  Simple and sweet.

Closer -- Midtempo, latin flavored.

Feel The Sun -- Nice song.   Love it when she crashes like her emotions.

The remixes of NBTSA and ITTY rock and are after Feel The Sun.