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This album is truly amazing.  Backed by Nashville's best, it is not the same as Faith's previous work, yet in some ways is superior.


1.    "Free"     What a fun track!  She screams on this one.

2.    "Cry"     A very emotional track. 

3.    "One" A very funky, upbeat, dramatic love song.

4.    "When The Lights Go Down"   Wow!  Amazing song.

5.    "Unsaveable."     Good song.

6    "If You're Gonna Fly Away"    Written by Linda Perry and Pink, this is a very nice, throw down song.

7.    "Stronger"     Emotional, closest to country on the record.

8.    "This is Me"     Great song.

9.    "Back to You"     Hard, airy, guitar-backed song.

10.    "I Think I Will" Pop feel, very upbeat.

11.    "You're Still Here" Very sweet ballad.